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Cub Scouts Pack 773 is a family and leadership led organization focused on providing fun, enriching scouting experience. Pack 773 is located in El Segundo, California and meets at the El Segundo Scout House located at 325 E. Grand Avenue in El Segundo, CA. While we meet in El Segundo, we welcome boys and girls from any area.

At Pack 773 our goal is to help young people build character. Kids can’t grow or develop by watching YouTube or playing videos games all day. They need to interact with kids their own age. They need to learn new skills. They need to get outside. They need actives that are both fun and challenging. Cub Scouts provides a safe, fun environment where kids can do all these things.

Cub Scouts Pack 773, like all Cub Scout packs, isn’t made up of just kids. Cub Scouts is a family organization. The Pack is run by parent volunteers. Parents teach scouts how to tie knots and pitch tents, but the more important lessons are values like honesty, kindness, and the importance of helping others.

Cubmaster's Message

Scouts on a hike

The Covid-19 Pandemic changed everything. But most of all, it changed our kids. Now more than ever they need to connect with nature, and with each other. And even though they need to get outside more than ever, they’re less willing to do it. Sitting at home has become far too comfortable.

As Cubmaster my job is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. But if you put it like that, kids aren’t going to listen. So the first step to whatever we do, is to make it fun. Scouts rarely sit still for dry lectures. But they’re always up for a song, or a puppet show, or a game.

So this year our big emphasis is fun. Having fun outside. Having fun with friends. Having fun while learning skills and values. That’s what Pack 773 is doing this year.

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